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Getting started

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Plugin versionCapacitor compatibilityMaintained
v4.*.*v4.*.*Critical bug only
v3.*.*v3.*.*⚠️ Deprecated

Choose Your Mode

  • Cloud Auto Mode:
    Logic is handled by Capgo backend, providing enhanced security and fine-grained updates. You can deploy updates to specific devices or groups.
  • Cloud Manual Mode:
    Update logic is handled by your JS, while Capgo backend handles the update content.
  • Self-hosted Auto Mode:
    You need to recreate the update logic in your backend.
  • Self-hosted Manual Mode:
    Update logic is handled by your JS, while the server handles the update content.
  • Manual Mode without Backend:
    All logic must be handled by your JS.

⚠️ Please note that using Manual Mode can lead to complex issues since the code for the update is shipped within the update itself.

✅ No need to handle logic - we do it for you🟠 Requires SemVer usage
✅ Auto-revert feature included🟠 Only one way to update users
✅ Get valuable update statistics
✅ Ability to revert users if needed
✅ Share versions with your team or users via channels
✅ Define advanced strategies like AB testing or partial deployment
✅ Quick and easy configuration - set it up and forget about it


✅ Full control over update logic🟠 You handle if you need an on-premise server
✅ Version server optional🟠 You spend time on something not related to your core business
🟠 You handle all scenarios yourself
🟠 You handle on-premise server requirements


The roadmap is managed on GitHub.

Open source

The plugin is under the LGPL-3.0 License and the back-end is AGPL-3.0 License.

💡 LGPL-3.0 mean if someone modify the code of the plugin, it’s mandatory to publish it, in open-source with same licensing. If you use the code without modification, that doesn’t concern you. See issue below for more details check the link 👇

You can include it in your app without worring

Last words

If you self host and find this tool useful, please consider supporting my work by becoming a GitHub sponsor.

I made a bet to open-source all the code I built here instead of keeping it for myself and charging a high price. By opening up instead of fighting and hiding, I believe we can make the world a better place.

To make this possible, it’s necessary for all of us to do our part, including you 🥹. If Capgo cloud doesn’t meet your needs, you can back a bootstrapped Maker here on your own terms.