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Instant Updates

Reach users now, not weeks later.

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100% compliant with Apple and Android requirements.

End-to-end encryption

Only your users can decrypt your updates, no one else.

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for Apple and Google app updates distribution

You’re in good company.

Capgo enables development teams at some of the most innovative companies.

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10% of Capacitor apps

use Capgo

Shared transparently with you since December 2021.

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How it work?

Ship your first update in less than 15 minutes!


Install the plugin

Run npx @capgo/cli init that it !


Send your first update

Build your app as usual, then send with the CLI


Get the update

Open the app, it update in the background

Faster Releases

With Capgo, you can launch multiple releases per week with an impressive 81% increase in efficiency. Don't miss out on this competitive advantage.

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Easily combine Capgo features into your current CI/CD platform with our user-friendly CLI.

It's compatible with Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Travis, Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, CircleCI, and many more.

Instant Updates

Instant Changes, Bug Fixes No need to wait for app re-downloads! With just one command, users can quickly see bug fixes in action. Say goodbye to frustrating delays.

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Manage Updates Effortlessly

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User Assignment

Easily assign users and send the latest update to your private or public testers.

Seamless Deployment Process

When your update is ready, deploy it seamlessly to all your users.

Simple Configuration Management

Manage all your configurations conveniently through our user-friendly web interface.

They love Capgo

Andrew Peacock's avatar

Andrew Peacock



Here's my view:
React-native: Too many moving parts that eventually broke. Flutterflow: new language, stumbled on first attempt to add a plugin. Now: @Capacitor + @vue or @react + @VoltBuilder + @Capgo 🀘

Lincoln Baxter's avatar

Lincoln Baxter



The community needed this and @Capgo is doing something really important!

Bessie Cooper's avatar

Bessie Cooper



@Capgo is a must have tools for developers, who want to be more productive. Avoiding review for bugfix is golden.

LeVar Berry's avatar

LeVar Berry



Just cancelled my @Appflow subscription after 4 years. Code-Push never seemed to work well, hopefully @CapGO has it figured out

Mallats's avatar




We really appreciate @Capgo, will be supporting this project from the Mallats team.
Awaiting approval from the App Stores.

Rodrigo Mantica's avatar

Rodrigo Mantica



We practice agile development and @Capgo is mission-critical in delivering continuously to our users!
Thanks @martindonadieu for your hard work and I will definitely be supporting this community as well.

jaythegeek's avatar




Just setup @Capgo and testing out this awesome replacement for @AppFlow!
Thank you for the hard work, it has been easy so far. About to release to the app stores 🀞

colenso's avatar




We just rolled out Capgo OTA updates in production for our user base of approx. 5000.
We're seeing very smooth operation almost all our users are upto date within minutes of the OTA being deployed to @Capgo.

jermaine's avatar




Jumped over to @Capgo after @AppFlow hit us with a $5000 bill for the year to continue.
Loving CapoGo so far. Thanks for @Capgo, it's a great product.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx's avatar




@Capgo is a smart way to make hot code pushes (and not for all the money in the world like with @AppFlow) πŸ™‚

SP-CMingay's avatar




I've just got self hosted updates working with very little work on my part!
I've proposed with my bosses that we consider @Capgo app for automated updates as well so I will begin giving that a go now too.

Simon Flack's avatar

Simon Flack



We are currently giving a try to @Capgo since Appcenter stopped live updates support on hybrid apps and @AppFlow is way too expensive.


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