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Live updates for Capacitor

Unlock Continuous Delivery for your app. Ship live updates, bug fixes, content changes, features, and more without struggle with the App store review.

Immediate Updates

Release now, not one week later.

App Store Compliant

100% compliant with Apple and Android requirements.

End-to-end encryption

Only your users can decrypt your updates, no one else.

Send updates in less than 5 mins !

Install the plugin in your app
Send your first build
See it appear in your app by magic

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Manage version by channel from the cloud

All apps have multiple channels, each channel can be managed separately.

Upgrade users, revert to previous versions, or rollback to a specific one, just with a click.


Save time with fully automatic deploy

Fully automate your delivery pipeline to never worry about deploying your app again.

Customers say about Capgo

Many people have said how good Capgo is

“The community needs this and you are doing something really important!”

Lincoln Baxter photo

Lincoln Baxter

CEO at TopDecked

“This project works flawless, its dead simple you got control. you dont have to rely on anyone for your code push you can use your own api, perfect 🔥”

Bessie Cooper photo

Bessie Cooper

Senior software developer at Shopify

“Must have tools for developers, who want to be more productive. Avoiding review for bugfix is golden.”

Aakash Chandran photo

Aakash Chandran

Founder of SAAS

“So Capgo’s over the air update feature just saved us on launch day. We had a crash happening on a critical path but narrowed it down and deployed a fix using OTA in about an hour.”

Jamon Holmgren photo

Jamon Holmgren

CTO at Infinite Red

“As a career-long ionic developer, getting over the air update working in Ionic via Capacitor feels like black magic. Loving it.”

Wes Johnson photo

Wes Johnson

Web Development Manager at RSR Group

“It is so easy to build your own mobile app nowadays. With technologies like Capacitor and Capgo, literally anyone with an idea can rapidly build their dream app. What a time to be alive!”

Trevor Hartman photo

Trevor Hartman

Senior Staff cartainc

Numbers tell the story

Shared transparently with you since day 1.

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Since january 2022



Already using us in production

Release more often

Using Capgo you are 81% more likely to release multiple times per week, compared to people that aren’t using Capgo.

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Integration with your pipeline

Use the intuitive CLI to quickly integrate Capgo features with your existing CI/CD platform.

It work with Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Travis, Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, CircleCI, and more.


Shipped a bug? No worries: with one command, you can deploy a fix that your users will see instantly, without having to re-download your app.

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Trusted by world class companies

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Like you push a commit

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