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Capgo not only has incredibly talented engineers, but they also share my passion for project success. Having a true partner has been a wonderful experience, and it allows us to move much faster than we could alone.

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Code review
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When it’s good to ask for Cordova and CapacitorJS consulting services:

Case 1
Review before passing the code to the production

Find and fix bugs during the coding process. It’s faster, cheaper, and requires fewer developers to do it.

Case 2
Optimization of the existing app

When an application works too slow or gets down (even for a few minutes), it can damage users’ satisfaction and decrease the revenue. To avoid such situations, review the code to find areas for improvement.

Case 3
Little experience with CapacitorJS

When developing a CapacitorJS app as a beginner, it’s good to have an experienced consultant by your side. Let them review your work and give your team an opportunity to learn from the experts.

Case 4
Poor app quality

Somebody developed an app for you but it doesn’t meet your expectations and the quality of the final product is really low.

Case 5
Something doesn’t work but you don’t know why

A specific element of your app doesn’t work and you don’t know where the problem is and how to fix it.

Case 6
Plugin is missing

You need a to access to specific native API and the right plugin don't exist. We can develop it for you or support you with it.

Case 7
CI/CD Setup

Our team helps you with configuring and managing automated builds, tests, and app deployments to app stores through fastlane and VoltBuilder in your CI/CD environment.

Why is it important?

Code consulting and review is more than just a bug check. It helps to:

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Minimize mistakes and their impact on the project
icon consulting 2
Ensure that the project requirements are fulfilled
icon consulting 3
Improve overall code quality
icon consulting 4
Achieve consistent design and implementation

Technological Benefits

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Better code quality

Let more experienced people review your work, suggest the best programming practices and implement them into the project.

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Improved code readability

It’s possible that different developers will read your code in the future. Reduce unnecessary pieces of it to make it shorter and more expressive.

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Bugs reduction

Eliminate the number of bugs before passing the code to production.

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Business benefits

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Lower cost of fixing bugs

The faster you find the bug, the cheaper you can fix it. If the bug is spotted during the development process, it’s easier and cheaper to remove it.

icon consulting 6
Opportunity for juniors to develop skills

Help your junior developers extend their knowledge by giving them the opportunity to cooperate with more experienced developers.

Why work with us?

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Experienced in working on demanding Cordova & CapacitorJS projects

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Creators and maintainers of many Open Source libraries used by millions

I would have no hesitation in recommending Capgo to others, to provide a flexible solution to an existing workforce or on a longer-term basis as part of a remote team

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