Plans that scale with your business

Enterprise-grade cloud that enhance Capacitor application functionality and security.

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Best for experimenting without worries



You get

  • 250Live Updates/mo
  • 50 Monthly Active Users
  • 0.5 GB/mo of Bandwidth
  • 0.1 GB of Storage


Best for independent developers



You get

  • 2 500Live Updates/mo
  • 500 Monthly Active Users
  • 13 GB/mo of Bandwidth
  • 1 GB of Storage
Most popular


Best for small business owners



You get

  • 25 000Live Updates/mo
  • 5 000 Monthly Active Users
  • 125 GB/mo of Bandwidth
  • 3 GB of Storage


Best for medium enterprises



You get

  • 150 000Live Updates/mo
  • 30 000 Monthly Active Users
  • 750 GB/mo of Bandwidth
  • 6 GB of Storage

Pay as you go

1 000 000 Live Updates/mo. No commitments.

Monthly active users

200,000 users included, then $0.002/user


5.00 TB included, then $0.1 per GB

Cloud Storage

12 GB included, then $0.05 per GB

API Access

Create anything you want

Dedicated support

Get an answer in less than 6h

Custom Domain

Add your own domain

All our features are available to all users




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Questions & Answers

Explore the common questions and answers about Capgo


How are Monthly Active Users (MAU) counted?

We count MAU (Monthly Active Users) by tracking unique users who open your app within a 30-day period. Each user is counted once, regardless of how many times they engage with the app.

At Capgo, we don't count emulators and dev builds in your usage. Learn more about this here.


What does storage mean?

Storage, specifically edge storage, refers to the total capacity Capgo provides at edge locations to store all your update bundles. This ensures that users receive the latest version of your app or service quickly and efficiently.


How is Bandwidth Counted ?

At Capgo, we measure bandwidth by tracking the amount of data transmitted between the storage location and user devices through edge servers. This helps us deliver real-time updates.


Not sure about your number of active users?

If you're unsure about the number of active users you have and worried about reaching your plan limit, take advantage of Capgo's free trial. It's a great way to test our service, find the right plan, avoid unexpected charges, and ensure everything works smoothly.

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