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Questions & Answers

Explore the common questions and answers about Capgo


How MAU are counted?

MAU are counted by tracking unique users who opened your app within a 30-day period. Each user is counted once, regardless of how many times they engage with the app.

Capgo don't count emulator and dev build in your usage. Learn more here


What storage stand for?

Capgo store your updates in a edge locations to ensure that users receive the latest version of the app or service quickly and efficiently.


How is Bandwidth Counted ?

In Capgo, bandwidth is counted in a live update context by measuring the amount of data transmitted between the storage location and user devices through edge servers for delivering updates in real-time.


I don't know my Number of active users?

Take advantage of Capgo's free trial if you're unsure of your user count and concerned about hitting your plan limit. It's a great way to test the service and determine the right plan for your needs to avoid unexpected charges and ensure service functionality.

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