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March 02, 2022

Alternative to Ionic Appflow

Ionic Appflow is the best complete set of tool for your app, sadly they price is not made for all, Capgo is here to let you handle OTA update at fair price.

The only other alternative was Microsoft App Center, but they shut down support for apps running on Cordova.

If you are a solo developer, or a small team of developers, you will find that Ionic AppFlow is not the best Price for you.

Like you, I was complaining about it, Ionic understands the complaint, but there aren't open to change the pricing, tiny teams are outside they focus.

Back in December 2021, I decided to try to fix my biggest pain in my Capacitor development workflow.

After one month of trying, I found a solution to download from one URL a zip and replace the source of the app.

That where I started to work on Capgo as AppFlow alternative.

The goal is to provide a simple and easy to use solution to push code updates to Capacitor apps.

No Native build, not big toolbox like Ionic, just live updates, for the market they don't address, Us.

I contacted them to share with them what i was doing and we found a business friendship agreement.

I build for the maker they build for the big business :)

You are welcome to join the community to build together, I use it for my own projects too, and even I expect this become my main project in the future.

Features comparisons

Live updates
Updates channel
Revert/change channel version
Install Stats
Sandbox app for test
Capacitor Plugin❌ Cordova compatible
Cordova plugin❌ Could be backport
Affordable pricing✅ Start at $14/mo❌ Start at $499/mo
Native build
100% Open source

If you are a big team with big budget I recommand you to use AppFlow they build the tool with you in focus, not me.

Otherwise :)

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blog illustration How to update Capacitor Apps without the App Store review.

How to update Capacitor Apps without the App Store review.

January 13, 2022

How can Capgo Feature allow you to push code updates to live iOS apps and be fully compliant with Apple’s guidelines?