article illustration Why Capgo Doesn't Support Cordova: Upgrading Your App to access live Updates
January 29, 2023

Why Capgo Doesn't Support Cordova: Upgrading Your App to access live Updates

In this guide, i will share you my experience with Capgo and Cordova.

If you’re looking for a robust and modern app development platform, then Capacitor is the perfect solution. Unlike Cordova, which is an aging and outdated platform, Capacitor leverages the latest in native platform and language evolution to deliver the best possible user experience.

Here are a few reasons why Capgo doesn’t support Cordova:

Cordova is Old and No Longer Evolves: Cordova has been around for a while, and while it was once a great platform, it has since stopped evolving. This means that Cordova is no longer capable of keeping up with the latest developments in native platform and language evolution.

Cordova Doesn’t Support Latest Native Platform and Language Evolutions: Cordova doesn’t support the latest evolution of native platform and language by default, such as Kotlin and Swift. This means that Cordova is incapable of providing the latest and greatest app development experiences for users.

Capacitor: A More Modern Alternative: Capgo has adopted Capacitor as a more modern alternative to Cordova. Capacitor allows for the inclusion of external libraries, which means that Capgo can rely on the best libraries and keep them up-to-date. This results in a more robust and stable app development platform.

Here’s another reason why Capgo doesn’t support Cordova: maintaining the same level of quality and features as Cordova is not feasible for a bootstrapping company. To keep the product top-notch, Capgo stays focused on utilizing the most modern and efficient tools available.

If you’re looking to get live updates for a good price, your best choice is to upgrade to Capacitor. This will not only improve the performance and user experience of your app, but it will also make it future-proof.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of modern app development. Upgrade to Capacitor today for live updates and a bright future for your app.

However, making the switch to Capgo may seem daunting. The official Capacitor tutorial for migration may take you a week and be difficult to understand if you have no prior experience with coding in native. Capacitor requires a solid understanding of the basics of native platform, which can be overwhelming for some.

But fear not! You have a more efficient and stress-free option. By hiring me, the creator of Capgo, you can have your app upgraded in just a week. Not only will I handle the migration, but I’ll also teach your team the basics of native platform so that you can continue to develop and maintain your app with ease.

In conclusion, upgrading your app with Capgo is the easy and efficient way to ensure that you’re using the best and most modern app development platform. By hiring me, you’ll save time, avoid frustration, and come away with a more profound understanding of native platform.”

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