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Tech support for capgo

Support by discord

Capgo has an official discord server. Getting tech support there is likely one of the fastest ways to get a response.

Here is a crash course:

Step 1 - go to the questions channel

Step 2 - create your thread

Step 3 - Describe your problem and select the relevant tags

Step 4 - Share your secure account id (optional)

This will allow the capgo staff to take a look at your account. Sharing this id is safe, as it was designed to be shared publicly.

To share this, please go to capgo’s settings. There please click on copy account id.

This will copy the secure account id to the clipboard. Please include that in your discord post.

Support by chat

This method will allow you to chat directly with capgo’s staff. The response times might be slower than on discord but the community will not be able to see the conversation.

In order to open a chat please follow the instruction below

Step 1 - click on your FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME in the capgo’s dashboard.

Step 2 - click on support

A window should pop out in the right-down corner.

Step 3 - start a conversation with capgo’s staff

Please provide your account’s email or secure account id if requested.