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Sandbox App

Capgo sandbox app goal:

  • Manage your version and channel
  • test versions directly in it.
  • Allow other teammates to test versions.

It’s the same code as the web app.


app mobile

Download the app:


Test your app

Connect your account.

You should see your first app

Like below

list apps

Then click on it to see all versions uploaded:

test apps

If you click on one, you can test the version directly in the test app

⚠️ You cannot test add with module not listed below, or if they require Cordova module.

Stop testing

Shake your phone at any time to see the menu below

shake app

Available native API

All official plugins are installed and preconfigured

  • Action Sheet - Provides access to native Action Sheets.
  • App - Handles high-level App state and events.
  • App Launcher - Allows to check if an app can be opened and open it.
  • Browser - Provides the ability to open an in-app browser and subscribe to browser events.
  • Camera - Provides the ability to take a photo with the camera or choose an existing one from the photo album.
  • Clipboard - Enables copy and pasting to/from the system clipboard.
  • Device - Exposes internal information about the device, such as the model and operating system version, along with user information such as unique ids.
  • Dialog - Provides methods for triggering native dialog windows for alerts, confirmations, and input prompts.
  • File system - Provides a NodeJS-like API for working with files on the device.
  • Geolocation - Provides simple methods for getting and tracking the current position of the device using GPS, along with altitude, heading, and speed information if available.
  • Haptics - Provides physical feedback to the user through touch or vibration.
  • Keyboard - Provides keyboard display and visibility control, along with event tracking when the keyboard shows and hides.
  • Local Notifications - Provides a way to schedule device notifications locally (i.e. without a server sending push notifications).
  • Motion - Tracks accelerometer and device orientation (compass heading, etc.).
  • Network - Provides network and connectivity information.
  • Push Notifications - Provides access to native push notifications.
  • Screen Reader - Provides access to TalkBack/VoiceOver/etc. and provides simple text-to-speech capabilities for visual accessibility.
  • Share - Provides methods for sharing content in any sharing-enabled apps the user may have installed.
  • Splash Screen - Provides methods for showing or hiding a Splash image.
  • Status Bar - Provides methods for configuring the style of the Status Bar, along with showing or hiding it.
  • Storage(preferences) - Provides a simple key/value persistent store for lightweight data.
  • Text Zoom - Provides the ability to change Web View text size for visual accessibility.
  • Toast - Provides a notification pop-up for displaying important information to a user. Just like real toast!

Some unofficial plugins are installed and preconfigured too

⚠️ All other Native APIs you use that are not in this list will raise errors.

💡 If you need a capacitor plugin to test your app open issue in GitHub I will add it to the next build.

⛔ Cordova plugins are not supported in the sandbox test app


If your app uses a module, there are not installed in the sandbox app, your app may crash. If that happens, you could be in a situation where you cannot go out back to the app.
If that happens, uninstall the sandbox app and install it again.
I am searching better solution for the future.