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Organization system

What is the organization system?

The organization system is a system in capgo that allows you to securely share your apps with members of your team.

Q: How can I access my organization’s info?

In order to access your organization’s info, please go to settings and then click on the Organization settings

Org settings

Q: How can I change the organization I am viewing?

To view the settings of a different organization, please click on the organization selector near your name.

Org selector

If you cannot see this, then you are likely not on the settings page.

Q: How can I see the members of my organization?

Please click on the members

Org Show members

Q: How can I invite a user to an organization?

Please click on Add member

Org add member

Then a pop-out will showup - please enter the user’s email address.

Invite to org

Then click invite. Another popout will show up, this time asking you about the permission that the invited user should have.

Select perm for org

Here is a breakdown of all the permissions:

PermissionReadUploadWriteAdminSuper Admin
Show app stats
Show app channels
Show devices
Show logs
Show bundles
Delete app
Delete channel
Delete version
Change org’s settings
Manage org users
Alter channel settings
Upload new version
Alter devices
Change channel’s current version
Create new channel
Alter version (metadata)
Manage billing

Q: How is billing done within orgs?

Anyone with a super admin permission can manage the billing for a given organization. Plans are linked to a organization and not to your personal account.

Q: Can I create more than one organization?

No, not yet.