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You are many to wonder if this plugin will be available in Cordova.

I have stared R&D repository for that, but it’s a huge work.


I know I can do it. For that, I have to read all the code of Cordova codebase as I did for Capacitor, to understand how to make it work.

The Android version is easier to do since both use java, but iOS needs a full rewrite, Swift it’s still not well-supported in Cordova.


We have many solutions to solve that :

  • Support me on GitHub and I can prioritize that. This will need at least 1 month of work.
  • Hire me as a Consultant, I used to help big company migrate to capacitor, it usually takes from 10 to 20 days, and the benefit is huge for the team
  • Wait until this comes out, it is very low on the to-do for now.