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Statistics API

Statistics API

Starting from version 1.3.0 the update system is able to send stats!

By default, all stats are sent to our server, to understand usage and research.

If you want to send this data to your server instead, change the config below:

// capacitor.config.json
"appId": "**.***.**",
"appName": "Name",
"plugins": {
"CapacitorUpdater": {
"statsUrl": "YOUR_URL"

What your server will receive is :

interface AppInfosStats {
"action": "set", // can be set, delete, set_fail, reset, revert
// Then it's the same info as update
"app_id": "**.***.**", // app identifier in the store
"device_id": "*******", // unique id per app install
"platform": "ios", // or android
"custom_id": "user_1", // represent your user
"version_name": "1.2.3", // version of the web build
"version_build": "1.2.0", // version of the native build
"version_code": "120", // build number of the native build
"version_os": "16", // OS version of the device
"plugin_version": "4.0.0"// to make your api behave differently with different plugins
"is_emulator": false,
"is_prod": false,

You can also totally disable it, with an empty string. Keep in mind, statistics are made private friendly and help me to understand how people use the plugin, to resolve issues and improve it.