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Getting started

What this tutorial will cover?

This tutorial will show how to start the supabase from scratch as well as start edge functions


  1. Cloned capgo
  2. supabase

Getting started

To get started run

Terminal window
supabase start

Next should see something like this:

Started supabase local development setup.
API URL: http://localhost:54321
GraphQL URL: http://localhost:54321/graphql/v1
DB URL: postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:54322/postgres
Studio URL: http://localhost:54323
Inbucket URL: http://localhost:54324
JWT secret: [truncated]
anon key: supa_key_anon
service_role key: supa_key_admin

Next open configs.json and set the following values:

"base_domain": {
"prod": "",
"development": "",
"local": "localhost:3332"
"supa_anon": {
"prod": "supa_key_anon",
"development": "supa_key_anon",
"local": "supa_key_anon"
"supa_url": {
"prod": "http://localhost:54321",
"development": "http://localhost:54321",
"local": "http://localhost:54321"

where supa_key_anon is the value from the previous step.

Next, verify that you can go to localhost:54323 and that the table users looks something like this


If it does start edge functions by running:

Terminal window
supabase functions serve

and start fronend by running:

Terminal window
bun run serve