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Manual mode

If you want to manage yourself when update is applied. Use manual mode with Capgo cloud.

Here is what you need to do:

Quick installs

npm install @capgo/capacitor-updater
npx cap sync


Add this to your config, to disable auto-update:

// capacitor.config.json
"appId": "**.***.**",
"appName": "Name",
"plugins": {
"CapacitorUpdater": {
"autoUpdate": false

Then add manage update yourself.
Here is an example on how you can do it:

import { CapacitorUpdater } from '@capgo/capacitor-updater'
import type { BundleInfo } from '@capgo/capacitor-updater'
import { SplashScreen } from '@capacitor/splash-screen'
import { App } from '@capacitor/app'
let data: BundleInfo | null = null
App.addListener('appStateChange', async (state: any) => {
console.log('appStateChange', state)
if (state.isActive) {
// Do the download during user active app time to prevent failed download
const latest = await CapacitorUpdater.getLatest()
console.log('latest', latest)
if (latest.url) {
data = await{
url: latest.url,
version: latest.version,
console.log('download', data)
if (!state.isActive && data) {
// Do the switch when user leave app or when you want
try {
await CapacitorUpdater.set({ id: })
catch (err) {
SplashScreen.hide() // in case the set fail, otherwise the new app will have to hide it

Documentation of all Available API in the plugin:

There are some usecase you can allow users to subscribe to channels and try different version: